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A Smile in My Dream

San Juan, La Union

San Juan, La Union

Hanging out on Friday night. Wearing a stunning outfit. Chill’n music that makes you dance. Everyone is having fun.

Staring to a man, Standing not a bit distant. A green beautiful eye, Sparkling like a star. A curly beautiful hair, Brushing through his shoulder.

Unexpectedly our eyes meet, My heart beats so fast. He’s walking towards me, As if he knows me.

He has a dimple anyway, A smile cast from his lips That made him more gorgeous. Literally a handsome man.

Time stopped when he asked me to dance. I feel a burning sensation in my face. He grabs my hands and holds my waist gently. We’re dancing, enjoying the lovely music.

I heard a noise crash from the other room. I woke up from the dream caused by the noise. The reality hit me so hard A dream was impossible, possible.

© 2021 LeyTiffany

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