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A Dark Confidence

Loise is an undergraduate student of CPAC who loves reading, writing, and doing any interesting artworks such as drawing and painting.

Walking in the midst of the dark,
Wondering how lonely with hark,
Seems to be more dauntless,
As the days passed, endless.

Wind howls from east to west,
Coldness conceals around the dark,
Trembling because of a great pest,
With no much time to lark.

Looking forward to the daylight,
Seizing the courage to take might,
Gazing at the rays of the sun,
Assuming that there's a hope, done.

As far as the days would not end,
Life's a miserable one gained,
It does no longer need to lend,
Go forward, never be restrained.

© 2022 Gloria Loise Ocariza