A Simple Poem of Admiration and Longing

Updated on May 7, 2018
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Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


A Poem Written From a Daydream

I have no purpose for my verses on this one. It was a day in which I just went with my own flow, and it came to me quite frankly... Thanks for reading!

An Interlude

You remind me of someone...

someone from a future image.

A love I cannot touch in this life.

I stare at your picture, and it

makes me wonder if a possible

miracle could play out…



Will luck take the place of

fascination… Could I render a

place within your heart...

I feel vulnerable to my delusion...

crazy by the thought. I must

stop believing in this nonsensical


damaged by my own thinking, and

regretful about time. Yet, I still wonder;

Why…why is it too much to reckon

in my heart...


Questions & Answers

    © 2018 Missy Smith


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      • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

        Chitrangada Sharan 11 hours ago from New Delhi, India

        Very nice expressions Missy! It’s a blessing that you can express your emotions and thoughts, through your poems. Not everyone is able to do that.

        Nice and expressive poem! Thanks for sharing!

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 8 days ago from Florida

        That is the best compliment, Jai Asahi, when my poem can take someone to a reminiscent place in time.

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 8 days ago from Florida

        Thanks, Venkat. I always love your comments. They are filled with wisdom. :)

      • JaiAsahi23 profile image

        Jai Asahi 9 days ago

        reading this brings me back to the thought of him, Im so touched that I didn't notice my tear begun to fall.

      • Venkatachari M profile image

        Venkatachari M 11 days ago from Hyderabad, India

        Very much appealing and disturbing state of mind is exhibited through these words. At times, anybody can experience such feelings and get disturbed by those thoughts when realizes it to be whimsical and not worthy of being practically possible or even good.

        You have expressed it all very clearly in a beautiful poem. When the thoughts pour out, it provides much relief and tranquil peace to the mind. I appreciate your style and simplicity. Blessings to you and your children.

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 11 days ago from Florida

        And I like you, Bill Holland! You are such a good friend to have. Thanks so much! I watched you talk during the farmer's market. I heard the festive music and I wanted to go. Great job!

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 11 days ago from Florida

        Thank you, John. Sometimes, I like to think of my poems as having mysteries or secrets to unfold, and it's not for me to help the reader do that. Emotions should be the guide.

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 11 days ago from Florida

        Yes they do, Louise. It's the beauty of word art (poetry). I wish more people in the world could appreciate it for the natural brilliance of just letting hearts talk. Thanks so much!

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 11 days ago from Florida

        Haha...Well, Clive, you never know. Thank you!

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 11 days ago from Florida

        You just get me, Frank! Thanks again for being a fan of my poems.

      • Missy Smith profile image

        Missy Smith 11 days ago from Florida

        Mahalo, Elijah, I appreciate your thoughts on my poem. You are a little correct I would say, and probably completely correct for others who read it.

        I leave my poems up to one's own interpretation, or I try to. I do usually write a paragraph or two on my inspiration, but this one came from daydreaming and just an instant feeling. It was as if I put my pen to paper and the words wrote themselves.

        Sometimes, I do long to have a special someone; that part is probably correct pointing in my direction. However, I already have my children. I am quite up there now in age - 46, and as much as I wish there were someone in this world for me; I do understand that it probably will not be at this point in my life. Thoughts that are similar to this poem. :)

        Again, thank you so much for taking time out to read my poem. ~ALOHA

      • The0NatureBoy profile image

        Elijah A Alexander Jr 11 days ago from Washington DC

        It is exactly what you named it "Admiration and Longing" for someone in your future and it seems you long to have children with(?) but feel the time has passed for such and you feel it is damaging to even consider it, is what I gathered.

        Supposedly there are two people who had passed childbearing who bore them, Sarah bore Isaac and Elizabeth John the Baptist, suggesting during the times we are entering it will not matter how old the surviving girls are they will still be able to bare children. So, allow that to mend your damaged thinking, who you are longing for will be able to fulfill longing provided you both survive the next 10 years or less.

        Well written and interesting to read.


      • Frank Atanacio profile image

        Frank Atanacio 11 days ago from Shelton

        Missy what a beautiful poem.. I feel the sadness.. and the confusion..it rings wonderfully.. thanks for sharing

      • clivewilliams profile image

        Clive Williams 12 days ago from Jamaica

        Maybe the image you see is me. Nice piece.

      • Coffeequeeen profile image

        Louise Powles 12 days ago from Norfolk, England

        That's a lovely poem, Missy. Sometimes the words just flow onto the page.

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 12 days ago from Queensland Australia

        It matters not where the words originate or what inspires them, Missy. What matters is how they form on the page....and you did a great job with this poem. I could even interpret it as it sounds quite clear where you are coming from. But I won't :) It's always a pleasure to read your poetry.

      • billybuc profile image

        Bill Holland 12 days ago from Olympia, WA

        Whatever the source of it, I like it.