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A Simple Game!


Is the life a tragedy or a comedy?
But who we are to decide?
Neither are you going to return
Nor am I going to fight.

Just be silly and just abide
The rules of the game are simple
No need to question why?
You being the weird just play it,
I being the naive its all just fine.

Be yourself and be straight forward, right?
Don't be afraid of darkness of this world's sunshine,
Be brave to let go of what's not yours,
Be bold enough to accept what's the right.

Just play fair always wins the fright
Be cool headed no need to panic, alright!
Learn it well and practice with heart
That you are the boss to decide.

This game is about a winner and a loser
So why we fear both so very might?
Just be foolish coz' that makes it worth to flight
That is an art to play it with full strike.

You, me and I, are all the puppets
In the stage of world to strive
Just give it a try my friend,
Its just worth a try!

Be happy, nobody makes it alive
Be merry that you have lived it to fly,
High above the heaven and down in the stride,
Just try it living with all your might,
It is the way to cherish this very life.

My heart I wish to write it right,
But the time's and words are align,
And so is the story of life to be concise.
We, they and us are all parts of it,
So let it be a worth to fight and made right!

The life is neither a tragedy nor a comedy
Because we are none to decide!
I, me, myself, and you,
Are all they we and us to ride,
Well this very high tide.

This journey is long and weary

You may feel all sweat at the wrong side,

But that's the time to stand tight

To jest it like you are the knight.

The story of life is simple,
Be silly, rise, strive, and kind,
To win it well with being wise,
But never let it go not worth a fight!

Just stay Alive and always upright.

Just keep your little kid within alive,
Coz’ this is the one and only life,
Just live it fully to count it right!

© 2019 Tajwer Shakir

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