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A Sensible Life

Rochelle's attempts at poetry deteriorate into doggerel, yet she is not easily discouraged.

American Gothic by Grant Wood (public domain)

American Gothic by Grant Wood (public domain)

Sensible Billy had sensible sense.
He lived his life simply with little expense.

He planted dry seeds in sensible soil,
And earned a poor living with sensible toil,
Wearing sensible shoes and sensible socks.
His sensible house had sensible locks .

He put on his sensible shirt and pants,
And went out to tend his sensible plants.
His sensible garden grew sensible food.
And he always maintained a sensible mood.

Using a sensible fork and plate,
With sensible timing he never ate late.
With sensible heart and sensible head,
He slept in his sensible trundle bed.

He retired at a sensible hour it seems,
No one knows if he had any dreams.

Early in life he often had said,
It was not very sensible for him to wed.
He sensibly lived without any wife .
He sensibly lived without any life.
So all alone he sensibly went,
Demonstrating what sensible meant.

Sensibly safe without taking chances,
He didn't like sports or music or dances
Sensible people are hard to find.
He didn’t have friends and seemed not to mind

The corner café had sensible prices,
A sensible menu with sensible spices.
Sensibly plain without condiments.
He’d tip the poor waiter some sensible cents,

His sensible life was boring and sad,
A sense of adventure he never once had.
Fun wasn't sensible - no time for that.
He put on his sensible coat and his hat

Sparse conversation was sensibly plain.
It sensibly hid his invisible pain.
Sensible comments on weather and rain,
Nothing he needed to debate or explain.

He would take a sensible walk in the park,
But would never seem to be out after dark.
A sense of adventure was not his big thing
He planned no vacations for Summer or Spring.

He purchased a final resting plot,
Located in a sensible spot .
He purchased a sensible suit and tie.
And a sensible coffin, he also did buy.

He lived and he died in a sensible way.
There never was time for sensible play.
His sensible life made sense for poor Billy.
But he never had time to be sensibly silly.

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