A Season of Another Kind of Witch: The Spell is Gone

Updated on April 18, 2018
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Had been in a state of utter bliss for two days straight

Not sure where it was coming from at the moment

Felt rather emotionally colorful so to speak

Grinning from ear to ear like a nerdy Cheshire cat

Excited to be out in the world on a Monday no less

Ended up with a spring in the Hush Puppies brown loafers

Almost started skipping back to the dungeon/cubicle prison

Eager to march back off into an unexpected orbit of happiness

Experienced a kind of natural high that many addicts

Would deem to be completely unnatural

No one was that joyful; unless chemical help was involved

Woke up on day three with a sense of dread

The chemical free euphoria of 48 hours ago was gone

Faded with the tides of cynicism and reality

The latter packed the greater gut punch of all

Rose colored Versace sunglasses shattered

In the parking lot of life amongst a construction site

Disappointed doesn't begin to cover this dejected feeling

Daily life was once a technicolor MGM musical

Full of bright colors and boisterous music

Now, it resembled more of a black and white nightmare

Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollack on steroids so to speak

Lots of different colors, images, and too much chaos

Nothing was where it should be visually

Noses in place of ears and colors splashed around for no reason

A feverish hallucination of art that made reality almost hard to fathom

Joy withered to anger and sad defeat that choked you into unconsciousness

Difficult to concentrate when nothing seemed to add up mathematically

Desperate to be back under what supernatural trance made it bearable

Searched for the sorcerer that allowed this all to be possible

Impossible to find when their phone was disconnected

Stuck in the meantime for ways to cope with the mundane

Prepared a shopping list of sugar and vices to help even things out

Sadly, the second option appeared to be in the lead; for the moment.

Happy as a Cheshire cat chasing a fleet of mice.
Happy as a Cheshire cat chasing a fleet of mice.

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