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A Sealed Connection

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.


Let me be revealed, opened up like a can of sardines open for all to see. The smell pungent and unforgettable. My emotions bleeding out all over the floor. My mind is a jumbled mess of tension and anxiety. Spill me out, expose my sin. Pronounce me guilty, a common criminal. All I do is ever try to recover from physical effects of the lack of sleep and flu like symptoms. My dreams are vivid and horrendous.

In the mist of daybreak I see light.
I feel feverish with no fever, there is no relief in sight.
I am well enough I presume, I can do this.
My head swims in tension as it oscillates inside my skull.
My body trembles with anxiety.
There is no way out. I’m trapped.

I feel the extreme sensation of fight or flight.
I am here for judgment.
Soon to be agitated in eternal misery.
Is this old programming being run? I believe it is.
I need to think differently now, positively.

Think new thoughts, be open.
I am nudged in a new direction.
I learn spirit guides want to help.
All I need do is ask and receive. I am worth that much!

I sense a purifying energy that heals to the core.
The energy searches to cure and cleanse my body from negativity.
Soon an alignment takes place within my energy field from top to bottom.
Rejuvenated life giving vitality surges through my essence.
I feel an embodied energy force beside me, within me, all over me.
The connection is sealed when intention is set and all forces are aligned.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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