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A Salute to That Google Thief: A Satirical Rhyme to Entertain

Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


Hello, you poor untalented soul

that one with a pitiful criminal mind

here I'm saluting to your obvious goal

to steal from others whatever you can find.

I can imagine your misery so sick

with nothing of your own to show

coming up with this cheap trick

with little else that you know.

You must be deriving some insane pleasure

from monetizing anything that you can steal

by now triumphing over a pirate's treasure

it's some maniacal joy that you must feel.

I often drop some change to beggars hat

writing for your daily bread is just the same

so make sure you stay unseen like sewer rat

who knows, some day you may even get fame.

Yes, I'm saluting, and laughing as well

for it's rare ignorant to steal like you can

look, you probably aren't even able to spell

but with this "writer's opus" you are some Man.

Don't you ever worry, by the way

about black magic's creepy spooks

sending you a "dark blessing" one day

or you just see it as a fiction from books.

Well, forget about it, just a passing thought

I am not saying it to spoil your stealing fun

remember, I'm one who admires you a lot

though you could undo all that you've done.

© 2022 Val Karas

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