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A Salty Heart

I hope she doesn’t mind
Or maybe it’s a he
Nobody said an angel had to be
A certain bird or a planted tree

Anyway, I had something to say
Why is it so hard sometimes
It seems it’s all up to me
To get over the things I see

I could be a hard shell
Floundering in the tidal surf
Lapped up on a noisy port’s shore
Or sent back where sounds are no more

Or I could stop crawling about
Shed my dependable burden, screaming of
Revelations from my primal shanty of outrages
Making a book out of so many torn pages

Should my trail be nothing but failure?
Can I inspire or even make you laugh?
Rolling with the world only changes me
Is it too heavy for me to make it see?

In the end it’s only what I had to wear
Heaven prefers so many other things
I’m a baby that thinks it knows so much
Please dry my salty heart with your touch

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