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A Sad Poem for My Ex Girlfriend That I Still Love - Before She Left

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I am always fascinated on the power of lyricism and poetry. This poem is inspired by stories about experiences at Silliman Bea

My Ex Girlfriend that I Still Love

A Sad Poem for My Ex Girlfriend That I Still Love

A Sad Poem for My Ex Girlfriend That I Still Love

Before She Left

The picture was clear
She was sitting on a park bench
She colored her hair that day
It was fierce red
She looked very beautiful
Her hair matches her pale skin
Oh, how soft they were
And oh, how I missed kissing her

As I was getting closer
I sensed something was wrong
Her smile was not as bright as it used to
But though clouds were above us
I can remember her fragrance that day
Like the roses of summer
Thirsty of rain
She was lovely

And I sat beside her
Greeted her
Told her I missed her
Asked her what’s wrong?

She took my hand
Her hands were soft
Her hands were gentle
But they were unsteady
And what followed next I was not ready

Then the words came out from her lips
The words that pierced right through my chest
Just when I thought I found my love
My poor hopeful heart was buried
6 feet beneath the ground

I am here to tell you,
what‘s been bothering me lately
I had thought of this a hundred times
Or maybe more
And now I am certain

You’re kind
And I know you love me
But I don’t think we are meant for one another
And to make it short
I am in love with someone else
Please, don’t make this hard
Don’t even try to stop me
Because I have made up my mind
I have a new lover
We have been seeing each other for a month
Today was just the time
The time to tell you the truth
The time to let this secret out of my chest
Just don’t make this hard for both of us
And walk separate ways without regrets

I froze
I did not know what to reply
Was I even breathing that time?
I think I died for a short while

Before she left
I had rainbows and cheesy butterflies
With tiny hearts flowing out of my eyes
Have you ever been that in love?
You know how it feels like, right?

That’s how happy I was with her
Then suddenly everything changed
My one true love
Left me for somebody else
She stood up
She gave her last goodbye
Watched her walked away
Further and further out of sight
And my remaining memory of her
Are her soft lips on my cheeks
One last kiss before she left

© 2020 Erl Sua

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