A Sad Feast

Updated on January 27, 2018

Come sit beside

Join us if you please

Dinner is almost ready

Please grab a seat

Lets all say grace

Before we all start to eat

A honorable mention to our heros

Who passed away this week

We thank them for their sacrifice

We thank them for their toil

Tonight’s sorrow prayers

Go out to a young girl and boy

They stuck together, fought together

Right till the very end

We honor your friendship

We honor your resistance

Its sad, your not with us

This night deserves to rain

But we are here for you my dears

We here, feel your pain

But don’t go crying in heaven

For a lot of good men have died

True loss is not of the life that lost

But the loss felt by the ones who cry

As the prayers draws close

Lets all prepare to eat

The meat is almost done

A sad feast indeed

Grab yourself a plate my friend

No need to be so coy

Have yourself a serving

One serving of a young girl and boy

© 2018 Vivek


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