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A Sad Day Turned Around And Made Better

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A Familiar Ring

Today started off great

Both my wife and I slept late

I got up to make breakfast

The simplest way

A few eggs, toast and a vitamin

The doorbell chimed

I could see the top of the outside screen door open

Through our solid white front door

Someone was standing there

In the past it wasn't a good thing

It meant a summons to court

Someone selling something and I have to break their heart and say no thank you

The Harry Christeners going house to house

Most people we know use the side door

There was a lovely lady letting us know a cat had been hit by a car

She didn't hit the cat but she wanted to find the owner

It was a beautiful grey and white cat

I said it wasn't our cat but the neighbors next door

Our neighbor left for work this morning

She wouldn't be home till later

I went out to see what I could do

The sweet cat owner herself had already moved the cat out of the road

The little cat had died

I put the poor cat in a shoe box with a towel and a toy

People travel fast on our road

It was an accident

It makes me mad the other driver never stopped

Another neighbor seen the whole thing

The accident happened just minutes before

Most people are animal lovers even if we aren't people lovers

To feel the sadness of a loss of a pet

Is emotional and painful

I thought about our own cat that got hit by a car years ago

How devastated we were

When that driver came to tell us

How sorry he was

It happens

They call them accidents for a reason

Our cat was busy chasing moles across the street

Cats roam around and live free

After a little bit we got talking

The woman was so kind to stop

She lives down the road in the same town

We maybe would of never met

If it wasn't for this unfortunate accident

To see the thoughtfulness in people

When a tragedy strikes

Makes me smile

Not on the outside where everyone can see

But in the inside where few people will never know

My wife got to talk to her also

It is amazing how you can mention so much in a half an hour

We talked about flowers and life

Upon leaving we parted friends

You never know when our own time is up

Until then we are blessed

Please make today special

With family, friends or a person who you just met

Then when our day comes

I honestly think

We know in our own heart

All the things in our life

That we got to think and feel

Made life so much worth living

I am glad I lived the life I did

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