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Road to Happiness

Somewhere in the clouds on a darkest night

A star twinkled with its brightest light

I wondered the silence of the river thereby

A complete stillness prevailed nearby

No birds chirped, neither animals spoke

A gentle breeze moved to and fro

I saw a path covered with snow

The road that led to my childhood school

I recalled my past, I recalled those days

I recalled the times I passed by that road

I recalled myself playing through

My past, my friends, my teachers though

People who always helped me so

Who made me happy when I was low

I recalled the brightness of the lovely sky

The flowers, the trees, the rain, the wind

I cherished the memories of my school days

I smiled at the feelings of that sweet thought

A quite happiness prevailed in my heart

The sweet memory grew and a lovely scent flew

The road that gave me a feeling anew.

© 2018 Aisha Siddiqi

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