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A River Too Swift

I don’t have to live like a man on a mountain
Or a sailor finding his courage in the wind
There is so much more to fight in my head
My soul fights for life in a war I’m trying to end

Who is it that makes me angry if not myself
Is it worth the anger when it was you all along
If an old man can’t surprise his old friends
Then the time clinging to the past was wrong

I watch you tell everyone what you believe
You sound so defiant but I think it’s your pain
You don’t want to cry because you’re a man
The feeling of hate is the needle in your vein

I try not to worry about things I do not have
That dream is not going to make me free
How can I love if I’m afraid to tell them
My longing eyes hide behind a stormy sea

Why does the light seem so dark
Do I deny the things everybody knows
A sidewalk that can’t grow flowers
A cactus trying too hard to grow a rose

But I walked alone once and survived
The beauty of being alive became my gift
I found it though suddenly you left me behind
The path of peace is forgiving rivers too swift

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