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A Ride through The Rain Drop

A Ride Through The Rain Drop

A pleasing trippy rain

Who washes away the pain

The noise of thunder cloud

Makes my heart bit aloud

The croaking of rain frog

Seems like old day song

The beauty of lightning cloud

Reveals the nature around

I saw the trees dancing on the rain song

With the dried leaves whirling along

Tiny droplets drooping over red flowers

Showing the achromatic rain powers

The sky with no birds around

Unroll the silence profound

The banging of drops on roof

Keeps my thought wide aloof

As I heard the splashing of puddle

The burden of my chest pops like bubble

As the rain drops slides down the window

And makes it look like a diamond glow

I struggle to see my hazy face upon

Over the nature’s art draw

As the sedate earthy smell I suck in

It cleanses my soul within

The yellow paper boat came floating over the street

As if dancing on the rain’s beat

I stepped outside slowly

As the breeze strike my face and make my heart jolly

And I greet the nature with open arms

so I can cherish the hidden charms

The rain drenched my body with love

And I surrender myself to one above

I lie on the ground

As I know the nature will heal all my wound

- Srushti Gamit

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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