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A Reverent Note


Creator, I repent to think and to speak Your title and name,

I repent to thanks and praises to You proclaim;

I repent for all that I think, say and do,

I repent because I respect and honor You;

I repent to thank You, to praise You and to worship You,

In order for me to perform this precept onto completion;

I must first acknowledge repentance as what I must do

to implement reverence for You alone,

It is my desired offering I make exclusively to You,

You are neither a he nor a she, and never will You be,

If I took all the words that define greatness and grandeur,

I still would not find one to render adequate worship;

Repentance is my air freshener,

Repentance before my utterance, speaks of my frailty and failure to express,

What I would only desire to be correct and right;

You will always be more than life and death,

Superior to darkness and light;

More than any other fake depth-filled rhetoric or unsolved theory,

Life, where death resides, is temporal,

Moreover, I do communicate towards forever;

He and she have challenges that separate and are combatant towards unity;

Diversity resides in every cause,

Making every case inculpable, and needing closure,

Each individual at this present moment is at a different place in faith,

In thought, words and deeds; worries and cares,

Reasoning's and hidden fears of the unknown,

Only Your presence, in all examined and established purpose,

Articulates the unity I seek for the journey towards reverent awe;

In accompaniment to and alongside an innumerable myriad of words, which

My breath, heart and soul propel like witnesses allowing my stance,

Deep within the inner chambers of my being,

Where breath is always present, because I am alive;

I am present even when I am absent, and

My whereabouts are not undetermined by others,

I can be accused, excused and confirmed simultaneously;

Repentance comforts my heart and satisfies my soul,

I find rest to communicate towards You,

With assurance that if You created ears to hear;

Why would You not hear me?

The stumbling block must first be moved, and if need be, removed,

It hardens the heart, and stiffens the neck and makes listening a tedious task;

You search out the reins and empty the dross, all that is worthless,

Created fire burns the offering of both repentant and unrepentant sin,

Transgressions. iniquities and trespasses, flee and are episodes,

Remittance is cancelling all its debt and penalties,

Accusations against me are returned to the sender,

With a message that my address is unknown,

Only you can remit me from offending myself;

Reverence takes notes and reminds me;

Of how to approach You, desirous of clean breath, to clear the air,

I can give along with all assistance of the cleansing agents You have provided;

Surely all provisions are created and come from You,

Lost in translation, in the fog of avarice, the truth is hidden;

Therein, diseases lurk and are able to attach disorder,

Through words diseased through time, very caustic;

Deliver me first in breath from endeavors that promote,

Defiance against my repentant freedom of speech;

There is no speech without breath, or words,

With strong and wrong words there is no freedom;

Just chaos and wars of conflicting words prepared for battle,

Prayer stops preyers, deters perpetrators and manipulators;

When repentance is the introduction and instruction, humble yourself and pray,

Doesn’t need just words but rather, clean breath;

I must give a hoot, in order not to pollute my own breath,

Breath has purpose inscribed and embedded within it to fulfill;

Of which I do not know the expiration date of my breath,

I use it today Creator, with care, in this my reverent note to You,

Let it serve as a covering over all others too.