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A Relationship of Silence

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

Silent, slowly, surely taking over the morning.

Silent, slowly, surely taking over the morning.

Time, Oh, Fading Time
quickly you are born, quickly you pass away
I stand stunned, muted, at your lessons true.
I've wasted absolute darkness as well as day.
Oh, if I had a mirror, an image of only you.

How similar are your obvious peaceful signs
Oh, softly rising of your mist, no evil I risk.
As life sobs, mortality fades, death grins and dines.
A butterfly's breath, hanging life on my wrist.

How similar, mist and butterfly, you teach
Flying, mocking attempts to a weak humanity's fear.
Oh, butterfly, mist, dost thou actually reach?
Or whisper a moaning word into a dead one's ear?

Beautiful muted butterfly grazing on petal sweet
Having no time, no food, no place to rest your feet.
Mist, oh, mist, how silent your rising appears
Slowly, easily taking lands, sullen tears.

Mystery, oh, mystery how foolish you've made me feel
Unable to see within, without, even touching your name.
But without wings or commands sure, you leave a darkened hill.
Oh, butterfly, beautiful creation so pure, no silver, no fame.

Days in, days out, not a place where dragons breed
Mortals sigh, damsels cry, feed upon fairy's feed.
But you, mist, butterfly, two joined, over my steed.
Until taken by river's cold, eels bold, and upon my sleeping steed.


The two creations, mist and butterfly are so yet similar that they can
teach deep lessons about each side of life matches the other. Now. What do you think? Thanks, Kenneth

Stationary, loving each peaceful moment.

Stationary, loving each peaceful moment.

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