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A Reflection of My Ways

I always prove it to myself everyday
My mind forgets happiness from yesterday
If I felt the light at least once before
I thought a shadow would drop soon after
I couldn’t believe anyone remembered good
It’s only the bad I thought they would

What to say if I told you this was true
I’m driven to make you feel every day as new
Would you run away from me
Would my love be too intense for you?
I’m exhausted by time together and apart
But I’m as strong as the first beat of my heart

A dream is as deep as you can recall
But it’s more than that if it exists at all
What lived on the outside
Is now growing on the inside
You put it there and it opened my eyes
There is no reason for me to ask why

It’s not a battle that I have to fight
It’s only the life I thought about at night
I once woke up as a lesson learned
Now my heart only feels it’s ignorance
A foolish instrument numb to this way of living
Now a raw nerve able to feel my everything

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