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Inner Peace Recipe


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Mark Twain Said It Long Before Me. -- Val Karas

Mark Twain Said It Long Before Me. -- Val Karas


I shouldn't be saying anything new in this post while merely reminding about the tandem of politicians and the mainstream media and their unholy business of messing with our minds.

To keep us as their customers, they are using that very effective selling strategy of playing on our fears, since fear is the strongest and the quickest emotion to arise while being the important part of our survival instinct.

Even those TV weather channels keep repeating the scenes of past natural disasters, to keep us worried about possible new dangers befalling us from the mother nature -- and to keep us coming back for more information.

It's all about ratings they get; and with politicians, it's all about their careers, while they keep using as sparring partner that other party to advertise how good they are.

You see, if they ever removed that suspense over their political struggles with the opposition -- by starting more cooperation with them -- there would be nothing to emotionally attract the masses to their game. It would be something similar to knowing in advance that a score of a game has been "fixed" to be a tie, resulting with nobody bothering to watch it.

So we need two parties to create an illusion of a political antagonism and "democratic choice". But, like that renowned scholar Noam Chomsky has said, "in reality, there is only one party in the United States -- the Business Party -- which branches into Republicans and Democrats."

The only slight difference between them may be that Democrats have more social programs -- otherwise it's all one big charade of apparent struggle for popularity. A bunch of careerists on both sides using a bunch of same slogans and phrases from one election to another to get our votes.

Indeed, democracy is a big joke invented by the ruling class to create an illusion of people having a say in governing. Has any huge demonstration ever, EVER changed the course of important policies? Did those massive demonstrations succeed to stop the war in Vietnam, or Bush's long crusade in the Middle East?; or affect a use some of that astronomical fund for advancement in armament for an affordable medical care instead, or anything else of some value to us, the majority?

In short, we are just sucked into that political and mainstream news farce, readily giving it more attention than to our need for peace of mind, our stress management, our mental health, in other words -- our own business of living.

If we cut that "lively interest" down to some minimum, believe it or not, we wouldn't be missing anything. We might even find something like happiness, once that we have realized that our happiness doesn't really depend on which bunch of clowns are calling all the shots.

Well, here I go with my three rhymed pieces of prose on this theme of politicians and the mainstream media messing with our heads.

No, I am not on some insane mission of changing anybody's mind -- but, if you can, at least, find some entertainment in any of it, all this scribbling won't be in vain.

Instigators of Global Hate

Politicians and news are affecting our worldview

as they make us think how all is falling apart

it's their job to give us that negative clue

but it's up to us to go a little smart.

A friend abusing our shoulder for their crying

after some time would stop being a friend

so crappy news we should stop buying

after it's become a sickening trend.

Most of eight billion of us are a normal crowd

except for relatively few who commit crimes

but the voice of those news is overly loud

exaggerating about these "testing times"

Then politicians instigate an international hate

propaganda painting others as sinister force

without it global coexistence would be great

but they keep their racket with no remorse.

So, let us not go paranoid over all lies

nations don't hate nations, as we know

we got illusions smeared over our eyes

so let's minimize how they run our show.

We don't have to fall for the crap

while they keep taking us for blind

with crazy news they dump on our lap

so let's learn instead to use our own mind.

Downside of Being Informed

"What you don't know, won't hurt you"

a good motto in this age of information

much of what we're hearing is not true

merely causing some negative fixation.

Nutrition is such field of crazy confusion

conflicting claims cancel each other out

"knowing" something there is an illusion

no one really knows what they talk about.

So eating simply with some common sense

while knowing nothing of that fancy stuff

is good eating and preventive defense

everything else is food industry bluff.

Then we might as well go on some mental diet

when it is about socio-political information

to keep ourselves sane and nerves quiet

spared of gamut of media sensation.

Existential fear gave a birth to superstition

instigators hurting us with myths about evil

oftentimes disguised for some holy mission

while preaching narratives that are medieval.

So again, let's try to be more grounded

to all fake stories being always on alert

so much information is poorly founded

and being "informed" we could get hurt.

Not knowing is better than what's half-true

or what's only subject to an interpretation

using your mind is much healthier for you

than falling for every offered information.

Internet Revolution

Thanks to the internet and its facilitation

global connections are growing and many

with falling taboos and the news manipulation

whether it may be political, religious, or just any.

That's where minds and hearts can meet

to either agree or to start a smart debate

in the process unmasking the ruling elite

awareness evolving into something great.

No media trickery to impose our ceilings

we learn first hand all what people think

and even inspire with liberating feelings

without doctor's pills or help of a shrink.

It's a revolution of a brand new kind

with no swords and guns destruction

but world awakening the common mind

no need for slogans to spur for some action.

The world of lies is collapsing at a speed

birth of some new values being conceived

making extinct wars and underlying greed

thanks to the internet it can all be achieved.

© 2021 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on February 07, 2021:

Peggy -- You are right, but internet gives us a chance to voice our disagreement -- like you did now -- whereas mainstream news don't.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on February 07, 2021:

I would like to believe the last four lines of your poem could come true. Sadly, the Internet spreads as many lies as truths. We need to self-edit all of the information we receive to ferret out the truths.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on February 06, 2021:

I agree with everything you wrote, val. I like your poem also. I have gotten where I try not to watch much news, even if my husband has it on as I just get mad. Life is too short to walk around mad!

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