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A Reader (Poem)

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Jo loves writing, she admires the escape to far off places. She valued it so much that she is studying the arts of creative writing.


I escaped.
I know I did,
To a whole new world or dimension
If that's what you call it,

I've ventured into blazing lava lands
And freezing ice caps,
Wondered across dark shadowed woods
And leaped over cliffs with massive gaps,

I swam with mermaids under the sea
And explored Atlantis of old,
Walked cobbled paths of ancient cities
And unique streets of gold,

Found Caves with glowing flowers
That healed a broken heart,
Stumbled across an entire city
Hidden in a crystal shard,

I flew dragons
And danced with fairies,
I escaped witches
And made deals with mercenaries,

I fought beside a hero
Against evil in the dark,
I raced a wizard through a maze
Within an enchanted park,

Woke up in open meadows
as daylight slowly dawned,
Gazing upon the orange sky
Wondering what awaits me beyond,

Afternoons were spent
Dressing flowers upon a unicorn,
Playing catch with a centaur
And his friend the fawn,

Spend nights tucked away
Hiding from an evil Queen,
With seven dwarfs whose loyalty
Surely protected me,

I danced with a prince
Maybe fell in love a couple of times,
Before I had to run out on him
When it struck midnight,

I rode a flying carpet
A Pegasus and more!
I've been to every place
My mind could possibly go,

Aliens from a far
Got nothing on me,
Their UFOs and Silent Space
Is now a distant memory,

For I've Met Goblins and Ghouls
Werewolves and Vampires,
Knights and Assassins
Rulers and their empires,

For I am one of them
A soldier, A viking,
I can change whenever I please
A shapeshifter in a new skin,

To think it all was words
Written by the heart,
Each time I played a different life
A different Era, a different part,

I am a unique sort of royalty
A sure un-cut leader,
For that magic within the pages
Crowned me "A READER."

© 2022 Jo

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