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A Rainy Surprise

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An Unexpected Day Off

What a wonderful day

Free time I didn't expect

I can write

I can write

With no end in sight

I am busy during the week

I cram a few minutes in when I can

I push most of my writings till my next day off

Where I can wake up early or stay up late

I try to do both

It is sometimes too much

I end up crashing


It defeats my purpose

I use to plan for time every day

With summer here and an endless amount of yard work

The poems just have to wait

I talk them over in my head

Jott a few lines until I can expand and write more

It is easy to lose a train of thought

I hope to remember it later

It all depends if my muse wants to come back

Sometimes I am left all alone

Pushing me to do it by myself

I reach for words and grasp for thoughts

In my head, I can hear my muse laughing

Knowing I am struggling

It would be so much easier

With a little help from my friend

Then when my muse has enough fun for one day

It comes to me silently

Sits by my side

Then waits to see if I am still writing

If not it questions the reason why?

You could have started writing and I would be along

Admit it

You need me as much I need you

So let's do this

What's the game plan

Write a poem or maybe two