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A Rainy Surprise


An Unexpected Day Off

What a wonderful day

Free time I didn't expect

I can write

I can write

With no end in sight

I am busy during the week

I cram a few minutes in when I can

I push most of my writings till my next day off

Where I can wake up early or stay up late

I try to do both

It is sometimes too much

I end up crashing


It defeats my purpose

I use to plan for time every day

With summer here and an endless amount of yard work

The poems just have to wait

I talk them over in my head

Jott a few lines until I can expand and write more

It is easy to lose a train of thought

I hope to remember it later

It all depends if my muse wants to come back

Sometimes I am left all alone

Pushing me to do it by myself

I reach for words and grasp for thoughts

In my head, I can hear my muse laughing

Knowing I am struggling

It would be so much easier

With a little help from my friend

Then when my muse has enough fun for one day

It comes to me silently

Sits by my side

Then waits to see if I am still writing

If not it questions the reason why?

You could have started writing and I would be along

Admit it

You need me as much I need you

So let's do this

What's the game plan

Write a poem or maybe two


DREAM ON (author) on August 27, 2021:

John Hansen I read your comment and could absolutely relate to everything you said. I think my muse might be female also? She definitely multi-tasks like my wife and comes through in the clutches time and time again. If it was a male I think he would watch me fall on my butt and just laugh. Walk away and take a nap. Come and go as he pleases. I am going out on a limb on this one.I am going to give my muse a name. I always liked Olivia Newton John so her name is going to be Olivia after her. When I listen to Olivia Newton Johns voice I start dancing in my head. So I can't think of a better name for respect. I will let you know if my muse approves. Off to work a ten-hour day today. Lots on my mind but things will have to sit on the back burner for now. It's o.k. it will give my muse Olivia time to rest up and be ready to write a good poem. Your muse sounds like a fun character and I wonder if all muses know each other. Maybe they belong to a muse club or muse association. Then again I think that is what people do. We group people together in categories. Muses are free to roam and travel where every they please. They would think that is silly. of course we know each other and everyone. We are muses for the people. Here to help not serve. Another people thing. I think my muse is here talking. Thank you Olivia for all your help(lol). Thank you John Hansen for sharing and caring. I am also happy that you are writing a lot. Then I can't think of a time that you ever stopped. Have a lovely Friday. Happy writing and thank God for all the muses in the world. They make us step up to the plate and swing. Even after we struck out last time and got a pop up the time before. Each time giving us courage for that home run.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 22, 2021:

I love this Dream On. Your muse sounds like mine, it seems like this is all a game to them. They like to tease us and pretend they aren’t interested, and then when we are about to give up they appear beside us and say, “What’s your problem? Why aren’t you writing? I suppose you will blame this all on me…lol.”

I am glad you had a day that you could just devote to writing. To me, that is a perfect day.

I have been writing a lot recently though, so I guess I should thank my muse for that, or she will throw a tantrum. Thank you for sharing.

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