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A Rose a Day


How about a rose a day,
Just because you deserve it, and because I know you love them.

How about a poem a day,
Just to remind you, that you are beautiful, gorgeous and that you are a queen.
How about a two minute hug every morning,
Wish it would last longer, but that's enough for I will have your fragrance on my hoodies for days when you not around.
How about an hour call -a-day.
Just to hear your voice, talk. Just talk because I seemingly don't run out of words when it comes to you. Especially on the missing you part.
How bout a movie together every weekend.
. I know you'd love that , i know am down for that.
How about, i love you forever.
Because you complete me in a way I never thought was possible. And my love for you isn't running out anytime soon.

© 2021 Amani Utembu

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