A Rhyming Harold and Kumar Chistmas

Updated on November 26, 2017

Merry Christmas to all from my family to yours. Have a happy one


Santa comes in many ways.
His presents are wrapped in many ways.
Some presents can be found in the store.
Some presents can even be at your front door.
Presents that you'll never expect.
Some seem uncharacteristic.
But in the end, You could find out.
That what it looks like it just may not be about.

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas

HAROLD LEE is now free.
A major businessman on Wallstreet.
While walking out of his office.
He faces people protesting.
The people are very aggressive.
Attempting to teach him a lesson.
Eventually, he escapes.
Escaping before it's too late.
Running home to his wife MARIA.
Them has a visit from her father.
KUMAR is still smoking weed.
His apartment is still messy.
VANESSA dumped him because of it.
But comes back to reveal she's pregnant.
Harold tries winning Maria's father.
But MR.PEREZ is not bothered.
Just setting his Christmas tree.
For eight years has been growing the tree.
While Kumar is delivering a package.
With Harold's name written on it.
Harold tries delivering it and going.
But he ends up falling.
Harold invites them inside.
They open the package and find a surprise.
They find a marijuana joint.
Kumar attempts to smoke the joint.
Instead, Harold says no.
He throws the joint out the window.
But the joint was still lit.
The wind blew it back in.
It landed in the tree.
It started to burn the tree.
They know they must replace the tree.
So they attempt to buy back the tree.
First Kumar and ADRIAN buy it.
Harold and TODD go after it.
Witnessing a bad accident.
Harold finds out that its Kumar.
The four team up and go far.
They go to a party.
Hoping to steal their tree.
They meet a girl named Mary.
Mary tried seducing.
Tried seducing Harold.
Causing a lot of trouble.
Her father found it out.
He sent two men out.
Out to kill Harold and Kumar.
They escape and run far.
Running without the tree.
They then plan to steal another tree.
From a church doing a show.
Instead, they enter the show.
Whom they thought they killed in Texas.
They have the tree and take it home.
Not knowing men await in their home.
When they get there, two men take them.
But the Wallfleboat saves them.
Kumar accidentally shoots Santa
Then rushes to fix up Santa.
He saves Santa's life.
Santa flies them back through the night.
Then has a talk that he sent that package.
That was outside Kuma's apartment.
To reunite the friends.
They lost touch when success began.
Harry seemed more focused on being wealthy.
While Kumar forgot his maturity.
Changes quickly came.
Mr. Perez was no longer ashamed.
Ashamed of Harold. He accepted him.
While Kumar grows and takes ownership.
He wants to be a family.
Focused on maturity.
Maria is also expecting.
Santa sent them all great presents.

John Cho
Harold Lee
Kal Penn
Kumar Patel
Thomas Lennon
Amir Blumingfield
Paul Garces
Daneel Harris


Harold and Kuma had a strange bond.
They drifted apart when they moved on.
If that package never came to Kumar's door.
He wouldn't have been in position for.
The position to be close friends again.
Santa helped them reconcile.
By sending a package to make them smile.

Todd Strauss-Schulson


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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