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A Quote of Love

Quotes of love

Quotes of love

You make me happy when the skies are grey

You make my mental health a priority

You make it easier

Your love lead us here

You make me who you wanted

You make me 20 even though am 40

You make me feel you

All you need is love

You seem to have loved me

In numberless forms, numberless times

In life after life, in age after age

And love wins heart

Teamo my love

I was a man to love you

Coz I never made a mistake

You almost made me perfect

Learn to enjoy the little things you have

I mean live, love, and laugh

And do what you love

A quote of love is what you need

No word on the dictionary to describe how I feel about u

All you need is love

Love can neither be bought or sold

A quote of love is what you need

Poem by Poet Jayken

We fail because we fear trying failure

— Poet Jayken

© 2020 Ian Muiruri Wanyua

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