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A Quiet Winters Day


Sad And Gloomy And Peaceful In Some Ways

What this day will bring

If it was only Spring

When all the flowers were in full bloom

Even if it was raining

Watering all the plants in the world

Keeping them alive and well

We see the people we know and love

When the time and place is right

Now is good as time as any

To send a loving wish to everyone we know

Reminding them to take care of themselves and stay healthy

For this life we live

Has only one heart that beats

All our thoughts and actions

Leave behind our own history

For others to remember or if they choose to forget

Each of us has our own path to follow

We can help those who in need

Then we can lead those who are lost

Share the love that we experience

Learn to turn the other cheek

Be kind in a sometimes cruel world

In the end

Be a better person

Not just for us

For the next generation to follow

Each day has so many good parts to enjoy

Some how some way

People will find just as many bad things

To spend their time

Frustrated and mad

I know if I had just this one day

I would want to make you smile one more time

Laugh one more laugh

Then I could feel the joy

That I could hold on to

Just a little bit longer

Making life just a little bit nicer

So as this day fades away into the next

We all go our separate ways

What we have is this moment

That nobody can take away

For it is as special as each one of us is different

To remind us how precious and beautiful life is

Wherever we go

It becomes part of us

Happiness is for all to enjoy

Discovering it a little every day

So one day when we are gone

We can say we have lived

Danced our way into peoples lives

Only so they can dance on

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