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A Quiet Day

From Start To Finish

As the world spins

I just float

People are going from place to place

I sleep

They are dealing with all the things that come into play

I eat

They come home after eight hours of work exhausted

I am refreshed

They scramble to complete what they started the day before

Squeezing in a little of the news and some t.v.

I dream

They get a shower and get ready for bed

I had a full day of relaxation and rest

I let my thoughts come and go

My day off from work

So there was no where to be at any special time

I enjoyed the sun and it's warm rays

Nature brings out the best in me

I was carefree and calm

Now redirecting each thought as a prayer

Thanking God many times through out the day

So happy to be alive and well

How blessed I am to have met so many people during my life

What a wonderful life that I live

Words and actions light up my life

I wish you all a day of good old fashion rest

Where you also can enjoy the peace and quiet

The love around you from every direction

Your body finding harmony

So simple and nice

Some things are worth repeating

Thank God for this wonderful Life

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