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A Quickie Before It Is Too Late

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A Little Bit Naughty

A little bit nice

Like a heated chocolate chip muffin with butter early in the morning

Surprise I thought it was a blueberry muffin with sprinkled sugar on the top

I picked up the blueberry muffin first

Then I put it down to get this one instead

I saw bran muffins

They are healthy but I have to be in the mood

Blueberry I really like

Not this time

We can't eat muffins all the time

When we do have them

They are so good

This chocolate muffin is delicious

Just one thought of many thoughts

You can read into many ways

You could be right

You could be wrong

That is why I love poems

If I can capture your attention

Just for a moment

Then I have to keep your attention

Reel you in

Like a fish on a line

Slow and always ready

Holding the pole steady

At any time I could lose you

If I don't keep the tension on the line

You will pull free and getaway

There is always a chance I can hook you

Where you aren't going anywhere soon

Then again you could be just nibbling

Taking small pieces and swim away faster than you came

Isn't it wonderful that we can all think many thoughts at the same time?

Each with many different meanings and outcomes

Is it right?

Is it wrong?

I think it is just the way life is

Part right part wrong

We get to decide what we want

If it is early in the morning or late at night

Thoughts lead to action

Not all the time

They can lead to more thoughts

This brings me to my point

If we can make the best out of every situation

Then aren't we all better off

To start the day off on the right foot

Maybe to lay in bed a little longer

To take a quick nap

Get up and go and do something we wouldn't dream of

To laugh when we are having fun

To enjoy the person next to us

Without looking at our cell phone for the next few hours

Don't worry I wasn't that mean

Even though I thought wouldn't it be great to hide it from you

To make you wonder?

Where is my phone?

What is your next thought?

I knew I should have looked at it sooner

Then you can jump to all kinds of conclusions

See what happens when I listen to you

So many thoughts so little time

I get in trouble

I didn't create the trouble

You did

Are we who we are or what we think we are?

There is a big difference

I may go out of my way and be kind to someone

Then I can think of going out of my way

To help someone and believe in my mind I would have done it

If only I had the time

If only that person wasn't there to offer help before I came

Now they don't need my help

Convincing myself

They are all set

A conversation in my own mind

I never lifted a finger

If it is a big thing

I can call the police and they will handle it

It is their job

This way I shrug myself of all my responsibility

What about all the little things that fall through the cracks

Somewhere in between the big and the less important

I believe those are the things and times that make the difference in our life

So look at that one person that you really care for

Tell them how you feel

You will feel better

They will feel better

You might want to do it again and again

Who knows where it could lead

Even if you see no change

Change can be slow and take time

I am often corrected by Grammarly on many words that I write

I spelled Grammarly wrong and I had a pop up correct me once again

How cool was that

It is like a little voice in my head

You are not listening

So they remind you on the screen you are typing on

I am still here

Until you fix the problem

No matter how little and simple it is

You would be surprised how many changes I have made

Since I first started writing this poem

If you have the time

You have found a way to make it happen

The results may be overwhelming in your favor

Hands down no question

What a great move

Perfect timing

Just the thing I needed

Just what I always wanted

You never know unless you try

Sometimes trying is just enough

The outcome is uncertain

The fun is in trying

Happy morning and a good day to you too

An early eye-opener for sure

Maybe not a jaw-dropper

Remember imagination is the key

Again with the phone

No, I don't know your password to your phone

Yes, your phone is exactly where you left it

Now was it you or me that let out that last moan

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