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A Quick Water And Let The Plants Do Their Thing


We Can Do MInimum And Get Maximum Results

I love to look at all the different plants

They are growing all over our yard

Nothing perfect

Just a touch of love

No stress

Some have space to breath

Others are one on top of the other

The gangs all here

I have used a lot of wildflowers

Some grass seed and perennials

You never know what is next

We have a few rock beds

Two compost piles

A small garden

Lots of potential

A little lift before work

Many more dreams to come


DREAM ON (author) on June 04, 2021:

CHATRA RAM There is no greater feeling than when you are having a good day. How do we keep those feelings constant? By moving forward in a positive direction. Find any little thing that will keep you motivated and excited. Then apply those good and happy feelings to everything you do. Do it with pride and confidence. It is rainy and overcast here in Maine. Your comment is a bright spotlight shining in my direction. You are just what I needed. Thank you for reading and sharing. Nice right back at you!

CHATRA RAM from BARMER INDIA on June 03, 2021:


DREAM ON (author) on June 02, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I use to do it all the time. One day I found a nice cool spot out of the sun in front of a Target store. The whole parking lot was really hot. There was a big huge rock where I decided to sit and take in the moment. After being so proud of myself and enjoying the surroundings I couldn't have had a better moment. Then within seconds, my mind went from great to bad. I never thought it could have ever happened. That is the way life is full of surprises. It turns out the rock I was resting and enjoying so much had a family of its own. A family of ants wanted to let me know this was their home. I was not welcome. I found myself crawling with ants. It freaked me out. Maybe, they came to say hello. I wasn't hanging around to find out. So off I went. I haven't returned since. Great idea just bad timing I guess. Now I go outside and enjoy on our deck or walking. That still doesn't stop me from digging in the yard. There will be bugs. i just try to spray myself first. Thank you for reading and sharing. Have a great night. It is dark with a light breeze here. You can hear tree frogs they sound awesome. They usually come out in May. Go figure. I can't figure out the news feed to post comments. Maybe you can explain to me again?

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on June 01, 2021:

Dream on

I keep missing yours on the newsfeed.

I love your comment to Mark.

Rushing things never gets us anywhere...except further behind.

But yet, everyone thinks I move too slow.

Those flowerbeds, rock gardens etc seem to give us a sense of peace.

I love sitting outside taking it all in.

DREAM ON (author) on June 01, 2021:

Mark Tulin We can learn from nature to be patient and each day make small changes that will lead us in the right direction. If we try to hurry things along we can easily make mistakes only to go back where we started in the beginning. Thank you so much for reading my hub. Have a wonderful day.

Mark Tulin from Palm Springs, California on May 31, 2021:

We all need to give ourselves a break. Things will grow in time.

DREAM ON (author) on May 31, 2021:

Gypsy Rose Lee It is simple. Give yourself a break. Look around and think of other things you like to do. Try a new hobby or something just for fun. Maybe start drawing or painting rocks and see what you can do. It is only temporary because you know the writer is always there inside of you. You have to relax and let other activities take over. Then when the urge comes back and it will write with passion and all the energy of your newfound freedom. Try this for a couple of days or a week let me know what happens. We are wonderfully talented people, not machines. We need time to ponder and think and dream. I hope this may help you. Have a great day. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Like plants, they need to find the best sunlight. Soon they will lean in the right direction and grow tall and strong. There might be a Memorial Day celebration you can watch? I always find them moving and very thought provoking.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on May 25, 2021:

I agree about plants but what does one do when they get into a slump and then have to pull themselves up and out of it? Just about got back on track and still feel kind of down,

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