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A Question of Sentiment

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Hard to put a finger or a proper label on why feeling this way

Jumpier than a Kangaroo on every energy drink known to man

Antsy as can be and don't understand it

Is it because it's a new year with a new set of expectations?

Looking in any mirror only causes discomfort with a little disgust mixed in

Doesn't help when Mr. Blackwell and Captain Obvious get together

And throw their completely insensitive sling blade barbs in my general direction

Makes the party feel less like a celebration and more of a reality show critique

To see if you're worthy enough to make it into the next round

Just falling short of the finish line; or in this case season finale

Once felt on top of Mount Kilimanjaro metaphorically speaking

Conquered it in a single bound like Superman and Wonder Woman combined

Suddenly, sick to my stomach after being force fed Kryptonite

Got the New Year's malaise and an imaginary hangover hard to cure

Sadly, also feeling stuck on an island floating further away from civilization

All your efforts to return back to the world fall apart with each stroke

Wind knocked out of your sails faster than a speeding locomotive

Wondering what was the point when the effort was seemingly for naught

It also doesn't help when those closest to you doubt your worthiness

Despite the numerous emotional gushers or epitaphs; depending on day

You're willingly spewing ad nauseam to explain how you feel at that moment

Not prompted by a greeting card level manipulation or a rom com in sight

Slings and arrows of a Shakespearean passion play can be an intense affair

Sure, not every moment is in perfect Hollywood fashion

Not every pair is choreographed from their clothing down to their thoughts

Cannot force a smile when you're too ill to even get off the couch

Or too ticked off at your partner as you walk the red carpet

Sometimes youthful inexperience can be a double edged sword

Everything seemed new and exciting, but the naivety factor always weighed in

Fed up with people thinking youth is a bad thing when it comes to enjoying life

Seeing things through a different perspective might be just the ticket

Don't count on just making each day a new adventure

Sometimes greatest moment require doing absolutely nothing

Not everything is always going to be sunshine and roses

So enjoy it moment by moment no matter what.

Not the greatest confidence booster sometimes.

Not the greatest confidence booster sometimes.

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