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A Psalm Revisited


The Lord is my guardian, my shepherd,

just as he takes care of his own sheep.

He well provides for my most every need,

on the sunny days, and as I take sleep.

He then does make me to lie myself down,

in those greenest pastures, my rest allows.

Leading me beside the stilling calm waters,

as all my desires, then each He so endows.

As He then does so restore my very soul,

making me whole, stronger than before.

His Pathway of righteousness I shall follow,

and my remembering Him even more.

Yes, as I do walk through that darkest valley,

the one was seen of death's own shadow,

I will never have a single fear of anything,

for he is with me and this I will always know.

Thy rod of strength and firm staff of support,

they shall always give me comfort, as ever.

Then as my table was well prepared for me,

my enemies were there at every endeavor.

As my head was anointed, by my cup of life,

and it was so given to me, it had overflowed.

Lord, Your goodness, and mercy follow me,

and I will dwell in your house with you forever.

Thank you for your care and great devotion,

oh, my dearest Father, the God of us all.

Your precious blessings abound for those,

both the great ones and those very small.

We will follow your son's teachings forever,

praising him much for his great sacrifice,

As each one knows in our heart of hearts,

the life He gave and of its greatest price.


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