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A Princess Sighing . . .

Kenneth has a taste for abstract/prose poetry as well as the comical side of life. 23-years of writing for a newspaper has served him well.

The Reaper walks slowly in the shadows.

The Reaper walks slowly in the shadows.

Just a breath away from her life.
Sitting admist reptiles, liars, and gents
She remembers his smile, his tints.
Lovers of eons past thrones of time
Laughing, kidding, love so sublime.

Her silken princess hair made by silent fairies
Roar loudly, oh, jealous King of Forbidden Oceans
Write beyond time, write quickly in Queen's dairies.
Barefoot musicians play for a begging of means.

Why is she bowed so low--such a lovely woman of age
Her eyelids flutter at his passing breeze and passion's rage.
Thunder claps, maidens slap, she just lives in horrid cage.
Running slowly, her mare, Raindrop, a trip to engage.

Her heart beats slowly, and her thoughts melt boldly
Fingertips ne'er touch her lover so coldly.
Alas, riddled castle with cobwebs moldly.
She sighs. She weeps. One breath to cross The river.

Maidens bring her freshly-cut roses
Male servants bring her tea with soft poses.
River running almost silent
She looks not above. She cries reptentant.

Steps with clouds sweetly cast
Dead ravems finish their given task.
Prince now lonely--dying to remove mask.
In someone else's sunshine, she basks.

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© 2022 Kenneth Avery

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