A Present Day Cinderella of the Internet Age

Updated on October 25, 2019
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Surrounded by the land of wishes and illusions of make believe

Money considered the greatest blessing and curse

All in equal measure sometimes

Either too much or not enough; considered a great problem

Dispossessed spirits lost in a world full of material needs

Wants and desires that not too many can aspire to

Visions of sugar plum fairies dressed as lingerie models

Strutting along to Bob Dylan or Taylor Swift tunes

An endless supply of followers and supposed friends on social media

A wide display of success with designer suits, cars and children

If it can be bought and is considered trendy, people have to have it

Even if it puts them in the poor house just to look at the coveted item

Robin Leach made millions of viewers envious of impossible lives

For decades, people have been conditioned to want wealth and success

To live beyond the means they can actually afford to live by

In her early days, Madonna once sang about the pleasures of trinkets

Mostly, receiving them from undeserving tricksters

That pretended to be dressed up as good hearted men

While holding out hope that the regular guy would look her way

Living in a status obsessed society that focused on pointless facts

Number one at the box office or on top of the Billboard charts

Thumbing their noses at movies and music that scrapped at the bottom

Touching the barrel ever so gently while longing for the top spot

Always close to grabbing the brass ring, but missing it by an inch

For various reasons and circumstances

Poor quality product and usually not the right connections to make things work

Unfair that your name meant more than a person's character

News channel flinging the latest mud and innuendo by the segment

A farce too silly to believe that it's actually true

When in fact it was the real deal; despite numerous denials otherwise

We live in an age where decorum often fell by the wayside for shock value

Or sometimes ratings in television terms

Longed to partially go back to old Hollywood glamour

Just not the part where you have to hide behind a mirage

Instead of being who you truly were.

Time to break the trends of the phony reality show moguls and their minions

Carving a path where there was no cellphone reception

No selfies allowed on this trip

Just getting in touch with nature and reality once again

Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Living in a material world.
Living in a material world.



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