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Prayers for Peace In This World-Let Us Pray

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.

Peace Always

Peace Always

I am praying for peace on earth and goodwill to prevail in this universe, for all war to end and for peace to descend from the heavens above.

Let us pray for happy days without bloodshed and cries of anguish.

Let us pray for happy days, for days when children can come out and play without fear and mothers can rest assured they will be back home safe and sound.

Let us pray for happy days when life will be normal and day-to-day happenings will go on without the sound of guns being fired.

Prayers for Peace In This World-Let Us Pray

Every day

A prayer my lips will often say

For every soldier to return

Safe and sound back to their hometown

Back to their home, their beloved ones

Back to live a life filled with happiness

Every moment a sound is heard

The firing of bullets, the echoes of words

Words of pain, sadness, and grief

Echoing in the battlefields without reprieve

Some soldiers die, and some escape

Filled with sadness

To leave their friends without a grave

The soldiers die never to return


Never to return to their loved ones and home


Never to be heard in this world again


Never to go back to their families once again

All this should not happen

I hope and pray

A prayer on my lips day after day

For happiness to rule

And peace always

© 2012 Nithya Venkat