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A Prayer For Me


Say a prayer for me.

Pray for that which you know, and that I may not be aware of. The kind of prayers that I am not able to say for myself.

Pray for a righteous cause that warms your heart and sings to your soul. The kind of prayers that are music to the Lord's ears.

Pray that we all may find peace and serenity, in a world that is constantly trying to rob us of all things peaceful and serene.

Pray that our prayers may be heard and answered, in a world that is continuously trying to deface our faith, and to convince us that God is not listening.

Most importantly, pray for those who do not pray for themselves. Those who have not yet found God, or who have walked away from the light. May they find their way back to the Lord, and understand that he has never walked away from them.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano