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A Pray For Ukrain

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A Pray For Ukrain.

I wish noble work on the earth everywhere,

neither create evil nor be a fire of vengeance.

God saves a country which is in trouble day by day,O God,

give the right advice to those who have lost their way.

May there be peace and harmony everywhere,

no fanfare anywhere.

Winds of hatred are blowing in every direction,

The shackles of slavery are being tightened for the destitute country.

O God, do miracles, something like for us,

No country should ever be anyone's slave.

An innocent childhood is lost between bombs and gunpowder,

Innocents are being oppressed because of the victory and the defeat of the dictatorship.

Erasing these differences, erasing these distances,

May the sun rise with good deeds, and have an evening with happiness.

Who asked, who raised questions from the government?

Why do dark clouds of sorrow cover some countries?

Oh, God! See how tears melt even in cold weather?

Birds are also shaken by this blast of the bomb.

People with wealth and fame are big, they will remain big.

But isn't there a small human section? Why is it always infamous?

O God, I have begged you for the freedom of Ukraine,

I pray for the safety of the helpless and forced people of that country.

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