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A Powerful Message to the World

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Sara is a writer and Civil Engineer. She lives in Pakistan. Her vision is to spread optimistic thoughts, hope, patriotism, and motivation.


Do you like WAR

Do you like WAR? The destruction, the bombardment

People answered, No we want PEACE

Then, why there is so much bitterness in our blood relationships


Make your way peaceful by not expecting anything from others.

Respect others decisions

Forgive and forget


Do you feel Sorry if a child in your area is Sleeping Hungry

Do you feel Sorry if a child is Sleeping Hungry

People answered, Yes I feel bad, but what can we do?

Then, why these MasterChef reality shows throws food in the bin


At least daily take out the small portion of your meal for deserving people

Fulfil your part by Giving others

Feel yourself lucky because you are one of those 5% people in the world who eats three time a day


Do you have Friends

Do you have Friends

Some people say that, I have so many but, I can't share secrets and take advise from them

Then, why don't you try to make your spouse your best friend


Respect and trust makes strong bond

Show your concerns to your spouse

Never talk to the third party to solve your problems

Sara Shahid.