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A Pondering Heart

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

A Pondering Heart

A) In The Room

  • As I opened my

Eyes to the world

Behold I have woken up,

  • Still lying on my

Bed my mind troubled

Me what is happening?

  • The reasons for this

Heaviness of heart in

Me Is yet unclear.

  • I rolled to the

Right and to the

Left at this position

  • After a while, sat

I at the edge of

my palmfrond made mat

  • I Tried to figure

Out what it was

The matter could be

  • It was horrifying to

Discover that I was

Unable to figure out anything

  • What can be happening?

No one in particular

Is being talked to

  • Me and me alone

In particular is being

Addressed at this position

  • Stood I to my feet,

Walked to the corner

Of the small room

  • Where I used to

Put a clay lamp

To illuminate the room

  • This clay is made

Like a kettle with

Oil poured in it

  • At the outlet is cotton,

With part of the

Cotton dipped into oil

  • The cotton through attraction

Would carry the oil

Molecules to the tip

  • When the tip is

Being lighted it will

Illuminate the entire area

  • The oil must have

Ran out as the

Light is now out

  • Tried to peep outside

But nothing could be

Seen everywhere still dark

  • Luckily the stones

For lighting is still

Where I kept them

  • Dipped my hand into

The open end of

The kettle-like clay

  • Wow! No oil in

There again searched for

Oil jar with my hand

  • Got it removed the

Covering lid poured oil

Into the kettle-like clay

  • Draw out the cotton

Hit the two stones together

At the side of the cotton

  • After a while it lighted

Started glowing bit by bit

Just drawing out the oil

  • Palm frond leaves are

Used as ropes being

Tied edge to edge

  • This rope is tied

From an edge of the room

To the other edge

  • On this rope like

Structure do I hang

All my cloths

  • I can see where

My clothes are

Hanging across the room

  • Brushed aside the

Overlying ones to see

The cloth I want to take

  • I put it on

Took a clay pot,

Set out for the streams,

B) Going to The Stream

  • As I trekked on,

My mind kept on racing

I keep thinking,

  • My mind flashes back,

To the past events

Positive and negative pasts

Her love for me is

Like a gentle flowing

Water in this stream

  • Soon enough I was

By the stream bank,

To fetch water

  • I went to the area

Where we used to

Fetch water from

C) At The Stream

  • Bend down dip my

Calabash into the stream

Started scooping the water

  • With my calabash into

The clay pot until

The pot is filled up

  • After filling the clay

Pot with water stood

I still by the river,

  • Watching the water as

It gently moves on

Then remembered I my love,

D) Remembered My Love

  • Her love for me is

Like a gentle flowing

Water in this stream

  • A flowing stream is

Pure, clean and clear

Un-like stagnant river,

  • Its nay like lake,

Which is not flowing

Divers things fall into it

  • Those things which fell,

Into the lake remain there

Become decayed in there

  • The components released by

Those decaying materials

Mix with the water components

  • Soon compounds would be

Formed which would change

Lake’s chemical composition

  • The toxic and injurious

Substances released would

Affect everything in the lake

  • And which soon becomes

stinking, horrendous and nauseating

Are the smell from the lake

  • But my love is un-like that,

She is purely-clear,

She is clear like crystal,

  • She is whiter as snow,

She demonstrates God's

Uniqueness purity per excellence

  • She is a joy not

Only to me but

Unto many like stream,

  • My love's source never

Runs dry because my love

Allows no intruder into it,

  • My love's source

Keeps springing out

Water contents for her

  • My love is linked with

Her origin she is

Linked up with the sea

  • As it is possible

To see the floor bed

Of stream at some corners

  • So is the depth

Of my love's love

For me revealed

  • As the breeze from

Stream brings me comfort,

So is my love’s breeze

Oh! The comforting love

Of my bird for me

Is beyond cold water

  • As many people become

Blessed by the stream,

Many are blessed by my love

  • The expression of our

Love to each other

Stimulates others love

  • At these knowledge,

The burden of my

Heart flee away.

  • Oh! My Jewel,

Oh! My Love

Oh! My Stream

  • Oh! The flowing love

My Pearl has for me,

Is beyond description

  • Oh! The comforting love

Of my bird for me

Is beyond cold water

  • Oh! The blessed love

Of my one and only bird,

Is heav’nly sent

  • Oh! How soothing my

Apple's arms around me,

Surpasses the best analgesic

‘Can’t do without

Her kisses for it

Keeps me alive

  • As the early morning

Waters from the streams.

So is my apple

  • My darling's lips

Are full of love,

Yea, unfeigned love

  • Her lips are coated

With honey, Uhmn better

Than the honey comb

  • My Jewel's lips

Are very good

Extremely good in kissing

  • ‘Can’t do without

Her kisses for it

Keeps me alive

  • With her mouth

She on daily

Basis feeds me,

  • On her knees

She will be to

Welcome me to her

  • My darling...My crown...

My Diadem...My Love...

My Bird...My Heart...

  • My Water...My Blessings...

My Star...My Glory...

My Angel...My comfort

  • God gave me you....

God gave you me...

Forever bonded ‘gether

  • Together fulfilling the

Desires of the Lord for

"Us" in all ramifications

  • In blessings, glories,

Promotions, awards,

Fulfillment and comforts

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