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A Poet's Perception (Poem)

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


This Is Not A Fairy Tale

I sat down and was going to write this introduction sort of like a fairy tale beginning. However, as I started to write Once upon a time and all that jive, I realized it would be a pretty depressing tale leading up to the poem I wrote. The poem is, of course, a reflection of my life, and I know I have written about myself and my life’s curses a million times through my poetry, but I usually write what pops up in my head, and this is what sprang up in my head this time. Let’s just say; I go with my own flow.

I don’t want this poem to read as sad, and I don’t really want my readers to think that I am this depressed and over emotional person. Nevertheless, I am sometimes; I'll just be honest with you and myself at this point. There is no way to hide it. Because when I want to write I start from what is on my mind, and I was having another sad day sitting here staring at the computer screen.

Let me explain why I think I am morose today. These last few days or so, I’ve been a bit tired. I don’t know why, but I feel extremely exhausted. I don’t think it had anything to do with being sad, but as I woke up every day feeling this same way, it has now turned into a down-and-out turmoil of drag. I am having to make myself roll out of bed and do my normal things. Gosh, I hate to admit this, and maybe it’s the cold weather. I should say I hope it’s the chilly weather, but regardless, when I feel down, I reflect. And I usually reflect on my unhappy, at times, miserable life up to this point, and it’s been long let me tell you. Please know I am writing this with a smile and a giggle. I do think It’s funny, to some extent, that I always seem to share my anguish.


Why am I laughing?? No kidding, if you saw me right now, as I'm writing this, I am having a good time laughing at myself. It’s bringing to my mind all those sayings like; It only hurts when I laugh, and I laughed until I cried. Anyway, I may cry sometimes, but I’m laughing too. That’s important for me to note and make clear. I’m dark with a burst of sunlight. Lol. And I do hope you like my poem.


That's Me! The Perceptive and Open-Minded Poet


Interesting poem written by Emily Dickinson


I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there is a pair of us ---- don't tell!
They'd banish us you know.

How dreary to be somebody! How public, like a frog, to tell your name the livelong day to an admiring bog! ~Emily Dickinson

Showcasing The Work of Another Perceptive Poet.

The Perceptive Poet

I sit here and somehow

I know, that life as I’ve

never known it I’ll never


Those times when I

Thought love was found,

would eventually hide

back in the shadows again.

My limbs are tired of

riding the Ferris wheel of

life; it's kept me dizzy

and drained past my prime.

Fight for more; the voice

Keeps saying. What choice

do you have as you are still

amongst the living…

and how can I possibly

tell the world to let me go… I’m

a mom with responsibilities

but even so…

I can’t explain how exhausted

I get, I’m so scared most days

of disappointing my kids.

I wish to god I didn’t understand,

how it feels to be the one who

lives with distress and guilt.

I don’t even know If I can

express this well, my destiny

It seems, was to be misled.

Could anyone possibly conceive

of a notion, that although I

tried so hard, I was meant

for nothing?

I, myself, keep trying to thrive,

on the idea that hope for me is

still alive.

However, I am a poet who is

perceptive, and that is the truth...

I shall forever have struggles in

seeking my value.

A Little Description About The Video Below

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is a page I found through my news-feed on Facebook one day. I was so intrigued by the messages in the videos they made, that I could not stop listening to every one of them. I chose "Socha" for this particular hub, because I felt it fit well with my theme. In the future I may add another of their video messages that are named with one word to a future hub of mine if I feel it relates to my own message.

You can look them up on Facebook or check them out on YouTube. However, I would probably go straight to their website at;

I tried to give a link that would work, but for some reason it would not let me. Nevertheless, you can find them through the websites I've listed, and I so encourage you to do so. I will even tell you that the video "Sonder" is one on my favorites. It's Beautiful!

  • The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
    The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is a compendium of invented words written by John Koenig. Each original definition aims to fill a hole in the language—to give a name to emotions we all might...

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows: Socha

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