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A Poetry About Truth of Life

Someday someone steal your words,

the poetry you wrote for him will later be

dedicated to her,

the charm bracelet your wrist held in the

casket of death will be removed from your bones

and sold in auction,

the person whom you vowed to stay till eternity will

leave you in a month,

the garden and flowers which adorned your fences

will later turn into weeds and spider webs,

You felt such opia when you gazed in their eyes,

the depth of it will later be the reason of your


The tedious journey of hating pain will later turn

into something much more complex,

loving someone will mend your heart and then the

same person will come sit next to you using and

twisting your soul whenever he become alone,

No one will stay except you and the tales you lived

will later be called legend in which you were a demon

who ate others heart just to fulfill its hunger of love,

Someday someone will forget you and the withered

flower that embellished a quote in a book will later be

crushed beneath their foots,

People will walk upon you and will dig up your bones

just to study how you died and not who you were before,

The intensity will diminish and your laughter

will fade,

the echo of your words will be forever be lost

in the dark alleys of some hearts,

the credits of your quotes will become a token

to someone who edited your words and created a


no one will then say that you are their inspiration

for all we know, your name will have syllables that

may give your dead soul an idea to write a Haiku,

Everything will change and when the

changes become slow,

I hope that time becomes nostalgic and

remember who all were forgotten.


Looking forward for your feedbacks :)

This one was a bit short though had to give a shot.

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