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A Poetic Notion

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


Explaining My Purpose...

I call this hub a poetic notion because that is what it was for me. I sat down, and I just wanted to speak from the heart. I wanted to express the way I was feeling at that certain moment. Therefore, I wrote the poem without worrying if it was punctuated or spelled correctly. No corrections.

I do think some will get my words -- maybe some won't. However, that is the beauty of poetry. As I have said before, some poetry isn't meant to make sense. It is, instead, best left up to a reader's interpretation. It's finest when the reader relates to it on their own level through their own personal views.

Again, this poem is just as the title of this hub suggests. It was a notion. An instinct to sit down and be totally careless and hope it comes out with some special reverence for the reader and myself as well.

I posted music at the beginning of this hub because I always like to listen to music while reading poetry. It gives you a sense of relaxation and can give you a personal feel for the poem's words. If you choose to do so, listen to the music as you read.

I hope you like my poem and appreciate its flaws of not being perfect and precise.

Spoken Thoughts

Somebody find me

I’m lost. In this

world I’ve been


Alone is more than

being by one's


Alone is lost and

knowing I can’t

find that happy

home inside myself.

A completion is

missing, yet I don’t

know how to


Limits I feel have

smothered my


It has nothing to do

with my blessings

at hand. I appreciate

those; I truly can.

Take deep breaths,

another day. I wish

this one would show

me my way.

Absence of time

more future to view,

but is it too late for

me to feel full.

Will I fly away one

day looking back, at

all the common

memories I lacked?

Then look ahead as

my final tears drop,

falling back to that

planet I was once


© 2015 Missy Smith

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