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I Anonymous - A Poet Waiting to Emerge

Joyette Fabien wrote poetry in her youth. Not much of a talker, poetry became her primary response to life's ups and downs.

Visionary - Poised and Ready!


Uncovering the Poet in Me

I’m a young poet

Yearning for approval

Thirsting for endorsement

Seeking in the eyes around me

Some sign of encouragement

A little booster for my confidence

I’m a childish voice

Crying out to be heard

By the man on the streets

So many thoughts and dreams

I would love to share with you

If you would listen just a while

Waiting to Emerge

I’m a rosebud

Beginning to unfold

Revealing my inner beauty

Gradually - Layer by layer

Exposing my untold treasure

That I want to share with you

I’m a visionary

Poised and ready

Waiting to penetrate

This impersonal world

To discover feeling hearts

Hidden beneath your masks

Finding My Identity

I’m anonymous

On the verge of discovery

A poet, seeking an identity

Wishing for some recognition

Oh, please give some indication

That I can uncover my soul to you

I’m a poet

Waiting to be born

I'm a poet

Ready to be unveiled

I'm a poet

Ready to take my place!


Reflective Poems

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    So many people have wasted their lives away in loneliness unable to find that kindred spirit out there for them. Happily, in this internet era, online dating and chat rooms have made it possible for persons to find their kindred spirits.

© 2022 Joyette Helen Fabien

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