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A Poem to My Mother

Poeticnurse is a Student Nurse studying for her BSc at the university of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

What is man without a wo-man?
What is a child without the counsel of a Mother?
For she wears a crown of unusual strength,
caressing the fruit of her womb
with all good things at her reach,
She sells her sleep to the nightly stars to watch her own sleep in peace,
She ensures there's a table set before her own
day and night before she lays her head,
She cares for the fruit of her womb
She cares for the love of her life.
Sometimes I marvel at her mother-nature
and unique adventures.
Her nature is supreme!
For the lady that I am is as a result of all you've consciously & unconsciously taught me.
Your strength indeed has taught me strength!
I wear the lips of unknown tongues
to rain heavens blessings on you.
For now,
I'll paint the world with words of your goodness
But tomorrow will come
when I'll fill your world with all that you deserve!
Happy Birthday Mum.
Love you Mum.


© 2019 Poeticnurse

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