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A Poem on how to help your friend through anxiety and depression called Safehouse

Updated on December 5, 2017
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Old school poet. Loves rhymes. Loves Comics, Manga and Anime. Terrible at doodles. Fighting Depression, Dysthymia and Anxiety.

Kage Doodles [ Safehouse ]
Kage Doodles [ Safehouse ]


Pick up the phone, I don’t care about your tone,
You can whimper, scream, wail or moan.

My arms are open wide, so just fall inside,
You can break into pieces when we collide.

If you want.

I’ll tell you about a place, where the dragons breathe Ice,
And kingdoms are run by educated mice.

We’ll search for adventure in the pages of the land,
Visit cliff edge taverns and castles grand.



Or we’ll call for some booze, and call for some food,
Watch a comedy show that’s borderline lewd.

And then we’ll take my bowl, clean, mix and roll,
Spark, puff, puff, take a long drag and hold.

And let go.

We can stare out the window, and lose track of time,
While you uncontrollably giggle at my mime.

We'll think about the purpose of life and all,
And wonder if our universe is a tiny atom in a wall.



There are no limits here, and there's nothing to fear,
No roles or labels or anything that adheres.

These walls will hold, so feel free to explode,
Within these doors never worry about control,


You can leave anytime, for the door has no lock,
And so it shall remain, no matter the clock,


So pick up the phone, I’ve been waiting for long.
And I will stay like this, until you come home.

Whenever you want to.

© 2017 C W Kage


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    • cwkage profile image

      C W Kage 11 days ago

      I shall work on trying to achieve a better flow with vibrancy and astuteness in the poems that come.

      I wrote this imagining a conversation with a dear friend. And I guess I let the words flow based on my equation with my friend.

      The rhyme factor is a very personal touch. I guess it is a reflection of the kind of person I am. I love rhymes and my heart is at it's happiest when writing them. :)

      I actually do write in blank verse as well. Just haven't shared those poems yet. But I do intend to soon and would love to hear your thoughts on them as well.

      Thank you so much for taking the time out to read and comment. I appreciate it.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 11 days ago from london

      Another nice rhyme. A great poem, but give it just a touch more meaning. Perhaps it's me, but it reads like you are trying hard to rhyme. Add more flow, vibrancy, astuteness ...make it effortless. It is cool not to rhyme too. All good poems have their own melodies, rhyme or no rhyme. Much Love.