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The Dark Human Nature

I am no poet, just a thrower of words. Still wandering what's life and why and how did I end up here?


Rhyme Scheme (abcb)

Human nature is made of atoms
To which extent, one should control
Feelings of occupation often haunt
To which level a man can take the dumb role?

So, thereby saying all in words
You hate others for this, why despise?
You provoke agony and dissatisfaction
How come we forget our own demise?

People and passions go side by side, reader
Society is made of unity, quite simple logic
Community's worst dream is jealousy's reign
One way to avoid it is being workaholic

True, religion prevents us all from this crime
Life's blessings are indeed in fate's palms
No matter how deprive you may feel, thank God
For a little bread is better than others' alms

Things of typical nature often make us greedy
We adore others' stuff, desiring to get it secretly
How do we not take account of death? Won't it come?
To get rid of jealousy, one should be strong mentally

How and why it originated; no one knows for sure
It is a disease that kills morals and good deeds
What on earth is there for jealous people?
A few profits, little cheating upon hell's weeds

Adorable is he, who is contented with his life
Greed is just a world, far off from his guard
Love and sacrifice become words of honor, true one
Jealousy leads nowhere, thankfulness to Lord!

© 2017 Kashif Ali Abbas

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