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A Poem of Gratitude to My Mother

The mother has an important role in shaping the character of her child.Parents are role models for children and need to practice good values



A child's first teacher is his or her mother. She has the responsibility to instill good values like empathy, kindness, honesty, tolerance, and love in her child. Studies show that children who grow in a loving and affectionate atmosphere grow up to be happy, healthy, and successful. Along with love and affection, the mother needs to teach the values like punctuality and discipline to the child.

This poem is for my mother. She is a lady of immense grit and courage. At a time when there were lesser opportunities compared to now, without anyone’s help, she brought up three children by herself. Struggling between work and family, she nurtured and inculcated good values in her children.

Today when I face difficult situations in life, I think only of the strength it took my mother to overcome the hurdles of bringing up three young children single handedly that too against the norm for a mother to work at that time. She worked bravely and with patience and determination. My mother gives me the inspiration to do much more with my own life.



What Inspired me to Write this Poem

True it is not Mother’s Day yet. But I feel we need to remember our mothers every day, not just on Mother’s Day. It all started like this. It was my birthday and two remote relatives who ordinarily never cared a hoot about my existence, called me to wish me. I was taken by surprise. How was this possible? Had the sun risen on the wrong side today, I thought. In the course of the conversation, they asked how my mother was which was another great surprise. Because there was not much connection in that direction. It got me thinking.

How often do we think about our mothers who live their lives for their children and grandchildren giving them unconditional love and affection? Once we get caught in the web of the daily grind, we find it difficult to keep in touch with them as often as we would like to. So, I decided to pen my thoughts about my mother and pour my heart out through print which I could not do in person. It is also to convey to those concerned relatives, how much I care for my mother and will go to any length to help and protect her during her twilight years.



You showered us with Love,

You nurtured us with care.

Gave us the Best things in Life,

And made life good in every way.

You understood everything,

Even when we did not say.

Mother, you are my favorite person,

And my best friend any day.

What are gifts compared to the gift of life

That you have given me mother,

Just being your daughter, I feel so blessed.

How can I ever repay this debt?

I can only thank you for all the favors

Our gifts pale in comparison to yours

You continue to inspire, advise and guide us

And show us the way.

We learned from you never to give up hope,

You always believed, where there is a will there is a way.

You are the best example of resilience and courage,

You fought all odds to give us the best.

And proved time and again

The sincerity of a mother’s love.

I have seen miracles happen

When you shed tears of pain

Even God was moved

For a heart and soul so pure.

You always lived for others,

Did good to others,

How can anyone getaway?

Even thinking of hurting you ever.

Because as Karma says

The evil you do remains with you

The good you do comes back to you.

My childhood memories are reminiscent

of your soft voice and smiling face

You were my truest friend in my growing years

I confided everything in you and got solace.

You are so kind and generous

And care so much for others.

You taught us to love nature the way you do,

We enjoyed the time spent gardening with you.

Gardening togetheer

Gardening togetheer

We planted the shoots and saw them grow

And danced with joy when the roses bloomed.

You are my greatest inspiration, my greatest strength

My sincere gratitude to you I can never express in words

I fold my hands in gratitude for your unconditional love

You are more to me than the god above.

I have in me this courage and optimism that I got from you

Motivating me after every disaster to start life anew.



Forgive me if I disappointed you

I did my best and every day I grew

Hope the day dawns when you will be proud of me.

No matter how old I get, I will always need you mom,

To reinforce my strength and keep me calm.

My dream is to be as good a mother

to my children as you have been to me.

And see you smile when people say

She got it from her mom.

Brandi Carlile -The Mother (Official Video)



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