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A Poem for Spoken Word Poetry - The things I do for love

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I am always fascinated on the power of lyricism and poetry. This poem is inspired by stories about experiences at Silliman Bea

A poem for spoken word poetry about poverty

A poem for spoken word poetry about poverty

A Poem for Spoken Word Poetry - The things I do for love

It’s early morning
Just 5 minutes pass 4 AM
The world is quiet
And though so early
My day begins

Life is really hard
To seek dimes and pennies
The streets are so unforgiving
For someone like me
No collared shirt or denim

Life has been this way
From the day I was born
Along the busy streets of Manila
I learned to cry in silence
No such thing as pain or hunger
When you develop tolerance

The billboards, I wonder
How would that taste?
Or smell
Grilled chicken on a plate
And a fish fillet?

Yes I can pronounce fillet
I learned that in school
But I quit though
I guess you cannot be smart with an empty stomach
Since my grades were very low

I once heard on the news
Canda is sending its trash to the Philippines
I love that
It also means that there are more opportunities to eat
And maybe just maybe, I can buy a shoe for my feet

Life is cruel
But I have learned to roll with the jabs
But sadly not for my friend Mark
He was shot in the head
And twice in the chest
He sold meth
Said he cannot bear
The smell
The site
Of the dumpsite
He was my friend
But now, he is nowhere in sight

When you are poor
No one cares
Even if I only ask for a penny
They all give me an awful stare

Damn with this life
I am fighting back

With courage and pride
No one
No aide by my side

I will own this street
To where I suffer but survived
One day
I’ll raise them up
All the peasants
All of the oppressed
They will call me KING
They will be my pawns and bishops
I will win through skill
Like in a game of chess

I am maybe this stenchy kid now
Bathed in sweat
And powdered by dust
My back is against the rope
And my only choice is to fight back

Expect my rise
I am under high rises with no rice
But I got my eyes focus on the prize
I will rob a bank tomorrow

Damn I am high

This solvent is strong
Rugby is my go-to menu
When I only have 10 pesos in my pocket
A basic survival kit
For someone living on the street
And I might leave some for dessert

And on to the next block
To try my luck
With an open palm
And an acting sad face
Bent and begging
How my day began
Bent and begging
How will my day end?

I know no other option but to beg
With worry and anxiousness inside my head
I am not asking because of money
I am asking for money out of love

The things I’ll do for love
For my mother who once worked hard
She had a bad fall
And broke her back
Now she cannot stand and walk
To hell with my dad
I will take care of my mother with every breath I have
I will do whatever it takes
To earn more pennies and dimes
To afford a can of sardines and a kilo of rice

I am tired but not broken
I will endure
For a mother that loves me
Unconditionally and pure
The things I will do for love
I am doing it with courage and pride
The things I will do for love
Is just about anything just to survive

© 2020 Erl Sua

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