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A Poem for All Moms


You have carried me in your womb

like any eager mother would

you're filled with excitement and joy

you are fine whether girl or boy

They were nine months of pure wonder

a new life inside, you ponder

you're willing to take all the risk

for a child that you've always wished

First moment you laid eyes on me

your tears flowed like sweat you have dripped

worthless was all the pain endured

I am the greatest gift you're sure

You were sore all over and tired

yearn for a good sleep you don't mind

you don't want me out of your sight

even my grunts give you a fright

You see me smile and you feel fine

to hold and kiss me is divine

you almost jumped when I first walked

cried a bucket when mom I called

You have watched me grow inch by inch

seen my mood swings from sweet to witch

you have given me chance to fly

you always trust I can soar high

You have watched me from the sidelines

yet you're near in my trying times

you're the one I would always call

whether I'm glad or sad at all

Thank you will never be enough

being a mom is really tough

let us all give our mom a kiss

every chance should never be missed

© 2021 Harriet Dionela

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