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A Poem called "Change of Gravity"

Art credit: tanyashatseva

Art credit: tanyashatseva

Change of Gravity

I see the swaying sparkles in your eyes,

And they are dancing their threads away.

Fire inside pure Ice,

Forged in the core of your existence

For the sole purpose of making my heart tremble.

And my heart trembles.

I feel the tip of your skin against mine,

As your hands of a warrior caress my face,

Hands as gentle and soft as rose petals,

For the sole purpose of making my existence jolt.

And my existence jolts.

I see the smile I yearned to remark for centuries,

One which I would abstract among hundreds.

You smile as though you want me to smile back; you smile

With sole purpose of making me feel warmth.

And I feel warmth.

I feel the touch of your lips on mine,

There were two souls become one and everything changes

With sole purpose of making me feel complete.

And I feel complete.

- A Poet in Attempt

~ About the Poem

Since the beginning of time, love has always been the eternal source of inspiration. People fought for love, dreamed of love, created and destroyed worlds for love. It binds us and set us free at the same time, all while making us give wonderful tributes to its honor. It's making us both vulnerable and strong. If we are able to feel love towards someone or something, if we're capable of this emotion: nothing is impossible in terms of creation.

Every single thing we see, hear, and sense around us is a product of some kind of love. Every person, building, painting, song, food, drink; every written word: an ode to the wonderful feeling that moves us all.

Poems are frequently inspired and motivated by love. This one is not an exception.

This poem is my own praise of love.

© 2020 Ivana Divac