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A Poem called "Abundance of Emotion"

Art credit: Kode Subject

Art credit: Kode Subject

Abundance of Emotion ~

What is love, I wonder yearningly.
Gentle touch of one's hand in mine,
A heart's embrace with the promise of eternity
That forces our souls to blissfully shine?

What is hate, with it let's now acquaint.
Fury twisted and turned into a burning spear,
Tossed into a blazing inferno to scorch and annihilate
All beings and things we once held dear.

What is pain, how to describe that tortured whiz?
A loss too grand to survive or bear the ache,
One that reminds us of how fragile life is
And forces our existence to inevitably break.

What happiness is, to understand we strive.
True blast of pure divinity and exhilaration,
A reminder of how lucky we are to be alive
In defiance of the unjust suffering of living nation.

What is fear, that feeling of oppressiveness?
Paralizing tyrant, a thief of our breath,
A cold dagger in the dark alley of wretchedness,
Compulsing us to tremble of both, life and death.

What is bravery? The way of ascendancy.
Always moving on, defying the terror,
Beating the gravity of every expectancy.
Forged weapon in your blood to fortify the bearer.

What is, in the end, exactly a human race?
Ones in amidst of clashing feelings who stand with pride,
Embodiment of balancing out at a singular, steady pace.
In eternal circle, we are swimming against the tide.

- A Poet in Attempt

~ About the poem

All of us find ourselves in a situation in which we're writing random observations on a piece of paper. It's fun and liberating, and it makes us feel better.

This poem is a presentation and description of the notes about several feelings or states, more than one part put together to make one whole. It's what I felt to be true in the exact moment of scribbling.

Nothing more, and no less than that.

And maybe tomorrow, I'll feel something completely different about the same terms. Or maybe I'll feel and think exactly the same. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, right?

© 2020 Ivana Divac

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