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A Poem About what I Believe.

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My Madness

I believe the reason I was sent,
is Armageddon is a current event,
I believe I'm a white magician,
that I'm a psychic concert tactician,

I believe we were sent a two million strong army,
that these psychic troops will follow me,
I believe I'm an intergalactic police warlord,
that together we can defeat the demon hoard.

I believe that seizing Satans' weapons is the key,
that we are usurping his power and authority,
I believe I'm in blood and death, up to my ears,
that I have been for six million years.

I believe there are many perks,
in unmaking Satans' works,
I believe we can heal Satans' harm,
save all falling to Lucifers charm.

I believe demons are psychic parasites,
that we can take steps to avoid their bites,
I believe I've infiltrated the enemy,
and power they have sent me.

I believe the stars do as I say,
that I'm crowned of the milky way,
I believe in what I saw,
that I'm the horseman War.

I believe I've never made a mistake,
that I can never take a break,
I believe Jehovah acts on my behalf,
that I often make him laugh.

I believe my visions are telepathy,
that I channel telekinetically,
I believe I have an internal kinesis,
that this can heal my illness.

I believe to free myself, I must free all,
this sounds hard, but I've had a ball,
I believe some of this residual delusion,
but not all of this is an illusion.

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